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The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast

Welcome to The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast!  Where rock will be judged.



Sep 27, 2020

In episode number 60 of The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast, hosts Chris Karson and Lee Bowie try they may to avert a Nuclear bomb while seeking shelter in some vintage Marino, sans-moustache.  Where did Frank's exquisite moustache go?  And what is a Mahogony Rush?  We don't know, but the episode is focused on finding out.  And what about Vince?  O Brother Where Art Thou?  Good thing cousin George comes along for the ride.  Can a guitar god create a great album that will literally crush all others in its path... a Juggernaut if you will?  Listen as the hosts get blasted by Frank Marino's Columbia Records swansong "Juggernaut" ...this time on The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast!