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The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast

Welcome to The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast!  Where rock will be judged.



Apr 14, 2019

In episode number 34 of The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast, hosts Chris Karson and Lee Bowie's get down with the reggae rock.  Rock multi-instrumentalist David Lindley's first solo effort is put in the the old x-ray machine to see what's underneath.David Lindley is one of the world's great stringed instrument guy, but can he put together an album that makes sense?  Stay tuned as Chris and Lee jam on through through the reggae and zydeco and mariachi and ska to decide "Is It a Classic?".  In this episode, David Lindley's El Rayo-X is scoped out.  Can you dig it?  Or is it just too eclectic for you?  Find out this episode of The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast!