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The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast

Welcome to The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast!  Where rock will be judged.



Dec 12, 2019

In episode number 46 of The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast, hosts Chris Karson and Lee Bowie dish on international measurement standards!  Why can't the USA support the metric system?  They also talk about the band Metric's album Fantasies.  Now Metric is a Canadian band with no Canadian born members.  With that in mind can they actually call themselves Canadian? And they are Hipsters!  Hipsters I'm telling you!  So is this a hipster art rock classic?  Or a thinly disguised Blondie imitation?  "Is It a Classic?".  Find out this episode of The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast!  Featuring Guy # 1 and Guy #2.